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Contemporary Issues in U.S.–Mexico Relations

Contemporary Issues in U.S.–Mexico Relations

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Comprehensive Unit
100 pages
Grade Level: High School

The presence of a large Mexican-American population in the United States and the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) clearly demonstrate the importance of contemporary U.S.–Mexico relations. In this unit, students will examine three key contemporary issues: immigration, NAFTA, and the environment. This unit is Part II of the U.S.–Mexico Relations series.

The student will learn...

To assess the effects of international trade, transnational business organization, and overseas competition on the economy.

To identify the major issues that affected immigrants and explain the conflicts these issues engendered.

About the patterns and networks of economic interdependence on earth's surface.

To think systematically about personal, national, and global decisions, interactions, and consequences, including addressing critical issues such as peace, human rights, trade, and global ecology.