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Sadako's Paper Cranes and Lessons of Peace (story cards)
Sadako's Paper Cranes and Lessons of Peace (story cards)

Sadako's Paper Cranes and Lessons of Peace (story cards)

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Story Cards
Grade Level: Elementary – High School
Set of 13 story cards in full color
Available in 2 formats: sturdy printed story cards (11" x 17") or PDF download
(A free companion teacher's guide is also available.)

In collaboration with the Tribute World Trade Center Visitor Center (Tribute Center) in New York City, SPICE has developed educational materials that help students to reflect upon the impact of September 11th and the humanitarian efforts that took place in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center. In an effort to engage younger students, SPICE created a kamishibai (traditional Japanese method of storytelling) about the origami crane that was donated as a symbol of peace to the Tribute Center by the family of Sadako Sasaki in Hiroshima, Japan.

The kamishibai story was developed as a supplement to accompany one of the eight units in "September 11th: Personal Stories of Transformation," a curriculum toolkit of multimedia resources created by the Tribute Center. This curriculum toolkit was developed to provide middle and high school teachers with primary resource classroom materials that introduce the personal impact of September 11th. Sadako's Paper Cranes and Lessons of Peace is a resource that can be used with Unit 7, Globalizing Peace.

The kamishibai story cards feature full-color images on one side, and the story text in both English and Japanese on the reverse. The kamishibai is appropriate for multiple grade levels (elementary and secondary), social studies and history classes, language arts classes, and Japanese language classes. A companion teacher's guide for the kamishibai includes multiple activities that engage students at the upper elementary, middle, and high school levels.